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More Australian adults than ever before are struggling to maintain a healthy weight. Crash dieting, food fads and weight loss gimmicks don't work - and confusing and conflicting messages about what to eat and how to lose weight surround us. A new health professional approach, the Adult Better Health Program has been developed by specialist dietitians, psycologists and exercise professionals.

The program adopts a common sense approach to weight management and is designed for real life. It is based on the most up to date evidence and was created to help men and women above their healthy weight, live healthier lives and manage their weight in a safe and sustainable way. However, while weight loss may be an outcome of the changes you make while you are completing the program, it is not how success is measured. Our aim is to assist you in developing life long, healthier behaviours in order to improve your health and wellbeing. In contrast to fad diets and any other extreme weight loss approaches you may have tried, that you are probably only able to keep up for a couple of months or weeks, the changes you make while you are on the program are intended to be changes you can keep up for the rest of your life.

The program focuses on the three areas proven to be effective for weight management: 1) nutrition, 2) physical activity and 3) behaviour change. Each week you will be provided with practical information via a fully narrated online program with supporting resources that will help you to change your habits and give you the opportunity to apply this information to your own situation.

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