How it works

The program is comprised of 10 interactive and fully narrated online modules. Each module is focussed on opne of the three key areas proven to be effective for weight management: nutrition, physical activity and behaviour change. One new module is delivered to you each week via email for you to complete over the following week.


The topic summaries below will give you an idea about the program structure and content.

Module 1 - Getting started Module 1 will provide an introduction to the key elements of the program: nutrition, physical activity and behaviour change. You will also receive an overview of the problems with deiting and the causes and consequences of weight gain.


Module 2 - Healthy habits Explore the importance of regular eating, eating breakfast and the importance of planning healthy meals and snacks. You will also have the opportunity to identify and evaluate your current eating habits.


Module 3 - Food if fuel Explore the five food groups and 'sometimes foods' and understand the recommended number of serves to be consumed from the five food groups each day. Explore the satiating effects of fibre, ways to increase fibre intake and learn about the Balanced Dinner Plate.

Module 4 - Get active Overview of the benefits and importance of physical acitvity, the different types of physical activity and exploration of how to fit more physical activity into your day.


Module 5 - External triggers Introduction to the ABC model of behaviours and learn how to minimise the impact model of unhelpful triggers to your eating and activity habits and maximise the impace of helpful triggers.

Module 6 - Fats and sugars Explore healthy and unhealthy sources of fats and sugara and receive practical tips and inforamtion to help you lower your intake of fat and sugar.


Module 7 - Label reading Understand misleading nutrition claims on the front of food packing and learn how to accurately read a food label using the four label reading steps.


Module 8 - Internal triggers Explore the four internal triggers that impact eating and activity habits and learn how to better manage these triggers. Understand the problems associated with comfort eating and learn how to eat mindfully.


Module 9 - Survival guide Explore how to establish a healthy meal environment at home and learn how to make better choices when eating out. Understand the impact of alcohol on health and how you can lower your intake.


Module 10 - Moving forward Learn how to use the problem solving cycle to change particularly stubborn behaviours. Acknowledge your achievements and explore how you plan to stay on track after the program.

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