The Program approach


Food fads and diets are unsustainable. Learn about what and how to eat, without being deprived of food.

behaviour change

Most people know what to do but have difficulty doing it. Learn about how to change your behaviour and reach your goals.

physical activity

Movement shouldn’t be a chore. Learn about easy and enjoyable ways to build more activity into your day.

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Safe, realistic and acheivable

The program offers a common sense approach to weight management. It will help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals by providing a long term sustainable approach.

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  • 1 user
  • 3 months access
  • Health professional support

What's Included

1.   Access to 10 weekly content modules based on the best available evidence.

2.   Access a series of downloadable and printable resources to help you achieve your goals.

3.   Online support from qualified health professionals along the way.

No gimmicks, no quick fixes. Just good advice, packaged in an interactive and accessible format.

Start the journey to better health.

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